Weekend Citytrip Basel

Planning a weekend break in Switzerland? Here is why you should visit Basel!

All too often, a long weekend in Switzerland in associated with skiing, hiking or just mountains in general. Nothing wrong with that of course, but the right Swiss city-break can be just as thrilling a prospect. So, for a visit steeped in culture, nightlife and living history, Euler Hotel proposes to look no further than Basel. Situated on the edge of the Rhine, it really has a remarkable amount to offer. In fact, one of the most interesting things about it is the way the old sits side-by-side with the new, making it a city with something to suit every taste. And with views of France to the West and Germany to the North, it's generally considered one of Europe's best kept secrets, especially by those visitors who return time and time again. To those who know it well, it's a classic Switzerland weekend break, and a place that'll soon be close to your heart. 

So, for that perfect weekend getaway in Switzerland, Basel has an abundance of bars, restaurants and hidden treasures ready and waiting to tickle your fancy. For instance, upon arrival to Euler Hotel Basel, right in the city centre, why not stroll around the Münsterplatz, the square in front of the Münster cathedral? Famous for its bright Burgundian roof tiles, the cathedral itself has an observation platform that'll act as the perfect introduction to the city: views of the Rhine and Black Forest to take your breath away. After which, you can stroll through the cloisters, taking in the incredible Romanesque interiors. Then, only a few minutes walk away, a small fleet of hydraulic ferries that will spirit you across the Rhine.

During your stay in Basel, a walk around the old town comes highly recommended. It's a chance to lose yourself for a few hours wandering up and down its hills, along its cobblestoned side-streets. Easy to find during your afternoon or evening stroll is the Barfüsserplatz, a square where the Christmas markets are held, whilst offering incredible views of the buildings on the hill opposite. Then there's Spalenberg Street, also known for its amazing architecture, but also its shops, cafes and courtyards. In effect, the atmosphere is one of calm and tranquility, providing a perfect respite from the stresses and strains of everyday life, encapsulating just one of the many benefits of a long weekend in Switzerland.

When it comes to eating out in Basel, you'll find you're spoilt for choice. Everything from Michelin restaurants, cosy cafes to quality Doner kebabs are readily available, providing a rich mix to cater for everyone. And if you're an art enthusiast, you may well have found your spiritual home. Art is everywhere in Basel: from world class galleries and museums, to murals painted in the streets, it's all part of the city's vibrant and varied heritage. It's even home to Art Basel, a world-renowned art festival featuring yearly shows in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong. So, for a unique weekend getaway Switzerland and Basel are waiting, a world of art, culture and cuisine, ready for you to discover.